Press Release
November 25, 2014

Transcript of Sen. Grace Poe's Manifestations
during the Floor deliberations on the DOT Budget

Sen. Grace Poe: I would like to note that the Google search for "Tourist destinations in the Philippines," the first to appear is the very efficient site of the Dept. of Tourism and it also notes important numbers, statistics and of course, of places where to go. I would just like to push a little bit more, and ask if there is such a budget in the international market to advertise the country in, let's say, CNN Asia or maybe Bloomberg abroad? Is there an item in the budget that will specifically showcase the Philippines in the international media market?

Sen. Ralph Recto The budget for next year, incidentally Mr. President, is visit Philippines year and we are aware as well Mr. President that the Pope will be arriving next year. Then on November we have the APEC, from Pope to Putin. The tourism would have a budget of roughly 600 million for advertising abroad.

Poe: So just for advertising about 600 million, Mr. President?

Recto That is correct.

Poe: That's good to hear. Can you give an example of a campaign or an ad or a market where they would like to concentrate or at least give attention to in advertising?

Recto They are targeting Korea, United States, Japan and China and parts of Europe

Poe: Will they be advertising through billboards or through television programs?

Recto All Types of media outlets, traditional and non-traditional outlets.

Poe: Is there any particular program that we are aiming for? A popular news program perhaps?

Recto CNN for the entire year, Asian food channel, Eurosports.

Poe: And these can be seen in those markets? May I request a copy of their dummy production? With regards to our airports, I know they have their own management. But it has come to my attention that at some point they complain about heat. There was an air-condition unit that wasn't even unpacked and has been there for a few weeks in the baggage retrieval area. I'd like to know, is there an office, which there should be, or is there a point person from the Dept. of Transportation that actually goes to these airports and checks how it is being managed and calls the attention of the people and say that the bathrooms are not maintained properly, etc.?

Recto They do consultative meetings with the DOTC.

Poe: But do you have a person stationed there, Mr. President?

Recto Yes, we do have a team and they constantly remind the DOTC and the people in the airport of the things that need to be done as far as the tourists are concerned.

Poe: You know, Mr. President, I trust the secretary, he's exposed to so many different markets and many different things and I'm sure that he has an appreciation of what is proper, what is right, and the finer things in life and so, is it possible that there may be a liaison from the DOT to be in the airport just to check if they are actually presentable.

Recto That is being done Mr. President, as I said next year is Visit Philippines year, and the DOTC does have their own budget. They are well aware of the importance of 2015, I understand right now that they are making the necessary changes in the airport policy.

Poe: Yes, Mr. President. Maybe they should have a desk in the airport and I think that, that they should not only meet with them, but also conduct seminars with their employees so they will know how to market the Philippines. Even Philippine Airlines. I think our flagship carrier should be in constant communication with the DOT, especially on how to welcome VIPs so that as soon as they board our airplane they will already feel that they are welcome in our country.

Recto The secretary is making notes of the suggestion of the lady.

Poe: Lastly, Mr. President, we are pushing for the bill on film tourism. We are still finishing all our committee reports but we are definitely looking forward to working with the DOT so that we can enhance what is needed to promote the Philippines as a shooting destination. That's all Mr. President, thank you.

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