Press Release
January 20, 2015

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On inviting the Constitutional framers to the Senate's Bangsamoro Basic Law hearings

SPFMD: We have invited them to express their opinion. Certainly the intentions of the framers are very important. In law, the intentions of the framers of the Constitution are critical so that the intent of the provisions can be followed, and that the spirit of the provisions can be given life. That is why we have requested that the ConCom commissioners who are available be called in to express their views.

Q: Kailan po yung target ng Senate para mapprove yung Bangsamoro Basic Law?

SPFMD: We have targeted the BBL to be approved within the first quarter of this year.

Q: So kaya po iyan, say within sa second week ng March?

SPFMD: Kaya iyan. We'll work on it double time, we'll work on it extra hard. Talagang puspusan po ang trabaho natin dito, at sisikapin po nating tapusin ang batas by our self- imposed deadline on the first quarter of this year.

Q: Si Senator Miriam, nagpahayag of her intention to conduct hearings on the BBL.

SPFMD: Yes, because the main committee is with Senator Bongbong Marcos, while the matter of constitutional amendments is with her, with a third committee, through a third referral, who will tackle the constitutional issues. But the report will be submitted by the main committee.

Q: On President Aquino's speech regarding the local clergy during Pope Francis' visit.

SPFMD: Everything has been already said. Let it stay that way.

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