Press Release
January 25, 2015

Dinagyang Message of Senator Nancy Binay

Widely anticipated and prepared for, the joyous celebration of Dinagyang is an example of how we, Filipinos, manifest our faith.

Dinagyang's colorful and energetic festivities bring forth not only the Ilonggos' creativity and vibrant flair, it also collectively joins everyone, all Filipinos and foreigners alike, to lift up our prayers of aspirations and thanks thru the intercession of the Holy Child Jesus - Señor Santo Niño, Paglaum sang mga Kubos.

This festival is a form of prayer - a united expression of faith that bonds and strengthens the camaraderie, friendship and goodwill among those who participate in it.

As this year's theme suggests "Sum it up to the top," let us all turn our dedication and determination to help our countrymen recover from disasters and hardships that hit our nation last year.

With the Almighty's guidance, we will have the strength to move forward.

Malipayong pista sang Dinagyang! Hala bira!

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