Press Release
April 20, 2015

Transcript of Press Conference with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: Yung visit po ni Organization of Islamic Cooperation Secretary General Madani, gaano kalaki yung weight non pagdating sa pagpasa ng BBL?

SPFMD: Certainly, the expression of support of the OIC's Secretary General is very critical to the success of the CAB (Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro) and it will go a long way in encouraging all quarters in the country to support the BBL.

Q: Did he specifically ask or request for the passage of the BBL?

SPFMD: His presence is certainly a manifestation of their support, and he has expressly said that they are supportive of the CAB and of the passage of the BBL. He realizes that it is a very critical process so their hope is that we as a people will see through the passage of the BBL and the success or the completion of the peace process. The passage of the BBL is part of that.

Q: How often will the Senate conduct its hearing on the BBL once sessions resume?

SPFMD: That is a matter that would be best answered by Senator Marcos.

Q: May headcount ba kung sino sa mga senador ang supportive?


Q: This visit of OIC's SecGen is not a pressure for Congress to pass the BBL?

SPFMD: No, it should not be seen that way. It's part of his itinerary. He came from Malaysia to get inputs from the Malaysian government, which, as you know, played a critical role in the peace process.

Q: The OIC is a political organization, but it also provides support; if ever in Mindanao the peace process is achieved, it can provide investments in Mindanao.

SPFMD: Achieving peace in Mindanao is a signal and it's a foundation upon which investments will be coming and address the poverty in many parts of Mindanao. Both of the OIC and those outside of the OIC, certainly they are looking at the peace process as as a venue for bigger investments in Mindanao.

Q: Sa LP po si Secretary Mar pa rin?

SPFMD: Yes, LP as a party has its support for Secretary Roxas.

Q: Ano po yung balak ng party to increase his ratings?

SPFMD: The continuous explanation of the need for the next administration who will continue the reform process that has begun and has been implemented on many aspects, the continuity of the policies of good governance is critical to the Liberal Party, and we will emphasize this in explaining to our people why Senator Mar should be the next president.

Q: May party convention pa po ang LP hindi po ba?

SPFMD: Let us wait.

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