Press Release
June 10, 2015


It's good that some teacher's groups are making their sentiments heard. We welcome it. There's really a fine line between interfering with the teacher's prerogative and ensuring our children's safety given that there are reports of abuses and humiliations still being committed up to this day. Where to draw the line between disciplining and teacher bullying is something we have to discuss going forward.

Filing the bill is just the first step of the process. We will of course consult with the teachers, the academe and with other stakeholders during the committee deliberations and hearings. What I want to stress is that we are open to amending the original proposal, if necessary. We are very much willing to listen to suggestions and helpful inputs that will help us improve and fine-tune the measure. After all, the ultimate goal of the bill, as with the original law, is to protect our children from violence and violent acts.

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