Press Release
September 18, 2015

Recto presses Medal of Valor for SAF 44, MILF retraction of false report

What's the best prologue to President Aquino's unequivocal declaration that it was the SAF group that killed Marwan?

First, for the government to expedite the evaluation of the recommendation that some, if not all, of the Fallen 44, plus some of their surviving comrades be conferred the PNP Medal of Honor and other commendations.

The review should be over by now so that the awarding ceremonies can be set and the debt of gratitude we owe our heroes, in terms of the honors withheld, be finally paid. When the verification ends, the awarding begins.

This gesture will also help heal the pain of their loved ones, comforted by the official recognition that they died as heroes.

Hopefully, the awards can be given before the nation remembers its dead in November, so that anyone who stands before the grave of a Fallen 44 would be reminded that here lies the remains of a Medal of Valor awardee.

Second, for the MILF to retract its investigation report for being unfounded.

Our partnership for peace with them demands their honesty, and their adherence to truthful accounts on all matters at all times.

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