Press Release
October 5, 2015

Bicol is now the cradle of VP candidates

This is the longest political courtship in recent years. Good things await those who have the patience to wait.

Leni is the perfect match and a great catch for Mar.

If Gringo will join the fray, Leni will be the fourth Bicolano to throw her hat into the vice presidential ring. Batangueno Sonny Trillanes' mom is from Bicol, which makes him an oragon.

Sa unang pagkakataon, mas maraming "vice presidentiable" na magmumula sa Bicol sa taong ito kesa sa bagyo. It is becoming the cradle of VPs. National leaders are becoming its major export. Bicol is punching above its weight.

Like a sili, the presence of Bicol stalwarts will add spice to the vice presidential contest. As they share the same homeland, I foresee a friendly but fierce contest among kababayans.

I wish Sonny, Greg, Leni, and Chiz good luck as they wage the good fight. They, including Alan and Bongbong, are all eminently qualified for the post they are seeking.

I am sure that their frank exchange of views and presentation of respective platforms will enlighten the public on the challenges that face the nation, show us the way forward, and elevate the quality of public discourse.

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