Press Release
January 18, 2016

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon After Plenary Session

Q: Yung hearing po sa Mamasapano incident tuloy?

SPFMD: Tuloy, yes.

Q: Ano po yung interpretation ninyo, so "new matters" is different from "new information" or "new evidence"?

SPFMD: I am just reserving my right because this is precedent setting, and in case a similar incident happens in the future, I want to be free to revisit the interpretation, it can happen again and therefore, I want to have that ability to review and examine and not to be bound by this interpretation.

Q: Sir, yung mga magpaparticipate sa hearing na presidentiables, should they participate?

SPFMD: Why not?

Q: You will participate?

SPFMD: I will participate. I participated before.

Q: Yung pag abstain ninyo po doon sa motion ni Senator Juan Ponce Enrile calling for the reconvening of the Mamasapano probe?

SPFMD: I have abstained there because of my position that regarding the new matter arising from the report, I want to preserve my right to raise that issue again in the future other incidents because of the interpretation that was accorded by the Committee on Rules.

Q: Senator Enrile said that he has evidence actively proving that the President did not do to save the SAF troopers.

SPFMD: Let's wait for the hearing.

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