Press Release
January 27, 2016


Senate President, before we end we would like to call or express our appreciation to all our resource persons who appeared today. A number of them are retired from service. Marami pong salamat.

Salamat din sa pamilya ng SAF44 na mga naririto. Ito po ang mga highlights. Most of the points raised are in the Committee Report of the Philippine Senate already and can be found in the transcripts of previous hearings and executive sessions. But today's hearing focused on the chronological and clinical timeline on the Mamasapano incident.

Also new info while discussed before, SAF Napeñas claimed that the US is assisting in the operation for real time and on real target and that the Mamasapano operation is not simply a police operation but a counter terrorism effort in a SAF mandate.

We've been reminded that in the Mamasapano operation the following officials are not in the loop or of no knowledge until the event happened through SMS text. General Catapang, Espina, Guerero and Gazmin. In his point also, it was established that the president did not, in the interpellation of Senate President Drilon, it was established that the president has been misinformed the gravity of the situation in the Mamasapano and communication is lacking in details.

And that nobody was ordered to stand down from sending reinforcement. We also received feedback from General Marquez. General Marquez stressed that there were certain things that have been done until that, it could have been more successful operations. For example, a solid contingency plan, strategic planning, full scale, which includes logistics, etcetera.

This was of course disputed by SAF Napeñas. We also received the latest recap of benefits for the families of the SAF44 and update at the current year today, that they actually received. So sa lahat po, sinikap natin, binigyan natin ng pagkakataon si Sen. Enrile na malinawan ang mga nangyari noong January 25, 2015.

Sa tingin ko nabigyan natin siya ng sapat na panahon para tanungin ang mga gusto niyang itanong. Tayo naman nakapagtanong din pero sa tingin ko wala namang naiibang maaaring magpabago pa sa Committee Report natin sa puntong ito. Muli, maraming salamat and this meeting is adjourned.

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