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February 1, 2016

Senate okays bill regulating practice of nutrition and dietetics

The Senate today approved on third and final reading a bill seeking to update and modernize the profession of nutrition and dietetics in the country.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, chairman of the Committee on Civil Service and Government Reorganization, said the practice of nutrition and dietetics was enacted 37 years ago and required updating in order to ensure the protection and development of itsprofessionals in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

"Senate Bill 2897 seeks to elevate and effectively promote the practice of the profession of nutritionist-dieticians at least on the same level as their Asian counterparts," Trillanes said, adding: "We are presently facing the struggle to enlighten our countrymen regarding proper diet and nutrition. We need to educate the people about the importance of nutrition and balanced diet towards developing sound minds and healthy bodies."

A study made by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) showed that the Philippines is continuously being challenged by both undernutrition and overnutrition.

Trillanes said there was need to focus on making long-lasting policies relating to undertaking comprehensive information campaigns, promoting access to nourishing food, and, to continuous monitoring and evaluation of results.

He said the bill would ensure the development and competence of nutritionists and dietitians through continuing trainings and upgrading of their profession.

Under the bill, nutritionist-dietitians who have not actively practiced the profession for five consecutive years shall be required to attend a refresher's course and complete a related practicum program offered by an accredited institution.

The proposed bill also provides for the creation of the Professional Regulatory Board of nutrition and dietetics under the supervision and control of the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC). Under the bill, foreign nutritionist-dieticians shall be allowed to practice in the Philippines if his or her country shall grant the same privileges to our Filipino nutritionist-dieticians. "The promotion of good nutrition is a form of investment in our human resource and is a key factor to a stronger and healthier citizenry, an essential factor in the development of a productive population," Trillanes said. (Olive Caunan)

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