Press Release
April 10, 2016

'Crushing Abu Sayyaf is this president's last job, the next president's first'
Include Abu Sayyaf problem in next pres'l debate - Recto

Finishing off the Abu Sayyaf is this president's last job and the next president's first.

They have bedeviled four presidencies and, if not stopped, is on track to confront the fifth Malacañang occupant in their almost quarter-of-a-century of mayhem and violence.

The next presidential debate should include a question on how to end Abu Sayyaf's terrorism and stop their expansion as an ISIS franchisee.

What is clear is that ending their terror has become an important part of the job description of the next president.

What is also clear is that Abu Sayyaf's predatory attacks have been reduced by the current administration.

Lately, however, they have gone on a kidnapping spree, snatching 10 Indonesian fishermen, bringing the number of their hostages to 14. The other four are Dutch Ewold Hurn, Canadians John Ridsdel and Robert Hall, and Norwegian Kjartan Sekkingstad.

Before their hostages become a United Nations of kidnap victims, they must be stopped. We know the lessons of the past: Ransom payments fuel more kidnappings and finance more terror activities.

We commend the bravery of our fallen soldiers. We condole with their loved ones, but above all, let us assure them that justice will be served soon.

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