Press Release
April 13, 2016


Sen. Sonny Angara, vice chair of the Senate finance committee, has expressed his support to the Green Ambassadors Program that will be launched in the Youth Environmental Summit 2016 currently ongoing at the Teachers Camp in Baguio City.

"The problems of the environment have become one of the greatest challenges to human development. If this is not addressed and solved, it would definitely have serious negative consequences for the country's sustainable development. That is why we need to train our young people who can respond to these challenges as early as now," Angara stressed.

Angara lauded the Alliance for Green Philippines for organizing the 3-day event.

"Environmental protection and conservation are lifetime responsibilities of every human being, hence the need to provide the young with the right mindset to make them aware of a clean and green earth," he said.

The Alliance for Green Philippines aims to engage student leaders, faculty advisers and young officers and employees of local government units to a 3-day awareness enhancement and capability-building event to enable them to play active roles in greening the campuses and in building resilient communities.

The Green Ambassadors Program is anchored on the belief that young people can create the future we all want. We must, therefore, invest to empower the next generation of leaders with a vision for a better world.

Successful participants will be equipped with a Green Ambassadors Tool Kit to make them ready to collaborate with school and local authorities. Starting 2017, a nationwide search will be conducted to reward and give due recognition to the 10 Greenest campuses and 10 Greenest LGUs.

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