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May 12, 2016

Villar cites PH strong lead in farm tourism

Since the Philippines is blessed with abundant natural resources, biological diversity and cultural heritage, Sen. Cynthia A. Villar said "we have what it takes to take a strong lead in farm tourism in the region, and even globally."

Because of this, Villar said she is happy, Senate Bill 3002 or "An Act providing for the development and promotion of farm tourism in the Philippines and for other purposes", which she authored and sponsored, was passed in the Senate before Congress goes on an election break.

The measure is now awaiting signature of President Noynoy Aquino.

In a speech delivered during the 4th Organic Harvest Festival held in Majayjay, Laguna, Villar commended the Costales Nature Farms in Laguna for promoting farm tourism and organic agriculture.

The Department of Tourism accredited and awarded it as the first agri-tourism destination in the Philippines.

Farm tourism, Villar said, will be a major contributor in bringing back the glory days of agriculture in our country due to its potential to increase the income of people involved in agriculture.

She said it will also help solve the problem of urban migration.

"Our people no longer need to go to Metro Manila to look for jobs because they can stay in their provinces and grow their farms and convert them into a farm tourism site if they want to," said Villar.

To entice the youth into agriculture, Villar recommended that school field trips should include farm tourism destinations.

Instead of taking our schoolchildren to accident-prone areas, she said school authorities should consider an itinerary composed of visiting farm tourism spots and those promoting and highlighting agriculture.

"Hopefully, their exposure to farm life--such as fruits and vegetable picking and planting, caring of farm animals, and orientation on healthy eating habits will not only guide them in leading a healthy lifestyle, but also appreciate farming enough that they will consider a career in agriculture, said Villar.

The chair of the Senate Agriculture and Food committee also cited the concern of various sectors about our aging farmers.

"We need to get the youth excited and interested on agriculture. Let us not scare them that agriculture is only about tilling the soil. Let us change the concept of agriculture," said the senator.

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