Press Release
May 31, 2016

Transcript of Ambush Interview with Senate President Franklin M. Drilon

Q: On the sine die adjournment of the Senate

SPFMD: Ako anytime, Monday pa kasi yung House eh. My only concern is that we should adjourn sine die after tomorrow's session of CA because we want to rush the confirmation of the generals and the DFA officials. So we cannot adjourn sine die today, it's tomorrow or Monday.

Q: On the Senate leadership in the 17th Congress

SPFMD: The Liberal Party has six in the Senate in the 17th Congress, plus our ally group, which is represented by Senator Risa Hontiveros, so we have a group of seven. They have to contend with us to make their thirteen. We can also make thirteen. These things do not get settled until the last minute.

Q: So maraming nanliligaw sa LP?

SPFMD: Siyempre, oo.

Q: So magpapakipot muna iyan?

SPFMD: Ay hindi magpapakipot iyan. We will see.

Q: Solid naman po yung LP?

SPFMD: We have a solid group here. As I said, five were elected as LP, plus Senator Bam Aquino, plus Senator Risa Hontiveros.

Q: How about Senator Joel Villanueva?

SPFMD: Senator Joel Villanueva, his certificate of nomination and acceptance is that of the Liberal Party.

Q: Kung sakali po ba, makikipag-coalesce ang LP?

SPFMD: Why do we have to coalesce? We are a group of seven, we can add six, we can coalesce, and we can make thirteen.

Q: Yung six sir sigurado na, or hahanapin ninyo pa?

SPFMD: We could coalesce with six.

Q: Nakipag-meeting kayo kay Senator Alan Peter Cayetano kanina?

SPFMD: Yes we discussed the sine die adjournment.

Q: Bukod doon?

SPFMD: We were trying to decide what bills to pass.

Q: Nothing about the Senate presidency?

SPFMD: We talked about the sine die adjournment.

Q: At this point sir, can you say na may thirteen na kayo?

SPFMD: We have a group of seven, we can coalesce with six.

Q: Sir pinakita na po sa inyo yung resolution ni Senator Alan Cayetano?

SPFMD: I do not know about any resolution.

Q: Sir yung six okay na yun?

SPFMD: The six is composed of six Liberal Party members, plus Senator Risa Hontiveros. Six plus one, seven. We will coalesce with six.

Q: Nakuha mo na po ba yung six?

SPFMD: Basta there are only 24 members of the Senate. Yung iba kapag nagbibilang, umaabot na kami ng 34 eh.

Q: Do you have to ask the House about the sine die?

SPFMD: Yes, the rule is if we adjourn more than three days from the calendar earlier than the House, then we have to get their consent.

Q: Wala na po ba kayong gagawin?

SPFMD: What we will do is that today there is a privilege speech, two measures will be sponsored, and depending on the decision of the majority we will have either a sine die adjournment tomorrow, or on Monday. Why Monday? Because the House will adjourn sine die on Monday. The reason why I have asked that it should not be earlier than tomorrow afternoon is because of the Commission on Appointments hearing.

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