Press Release
July 7, 2016


After President Duterte named top police officials allegedly protecting drug syndicates, Senator Sonny Angara has reiterated his call for the passage of the Magna Carta for the Philippine National Police (PNP) that will help rid the police force of scalawags involved in corruption and illegal drugs trade.

"They should definitely be investigated because the prospect of having high ranking police officials in bed with the drug trade is truly horrific and frightening. We need to pass the Magna Carta for PNP that will provide bigger allowances and benefits for our policemen in order to help them resist possible temptations provided by illegal syndicates," Angara said.

Angara has been filing the Magna Carta for PNP since his days in the House of Representatives, and has once again filed a version this 17th Congress as one of his top priority measures.

The bill seeks to establish a separate salary scale for the PNP, distinct from the other agencies of the government, to attract more qualified and competent law enforcers in the country.

It further provides for additional benefits such as cost of living, clothing, quarters and subsistence allowances, longevity pay, reasonable leaves and retirement programs.

"The Magna Carta codifies and strengthens existing rights and benefits provided for in various laws, resolutions and other circulars concerning PNP. It seeks to put dignity into the country's premiere police force," the senator said.

Uniformed PNP personnel who accepts assignments in remote areas or isolated situations, and is exposed to hardship and combat situation or other hazard unusual to peacekeeping, crime prevention and investigation activities, will be compensated with a remote assignment allowance and special hardship allowance, similar to combat pay of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Meanwhile, families and beneficiaries of members of the PNP, who are killed in the line of duty, will be granted special financial, scholarship and employment assistance.

To foster a highly efficient and competent police force, the bill also aims to develop a holistic PNP development program which includes provisions on merit promotions, performance evaluation, in-service training, overseas and local scholarships, training grants, incentive award system, among others.

"Talagang nakakadismaya kung mapapatunayan ngang sangkot sa iligal na droga ang ilan sa mga matataas na opisyal ng PNP. We are hoping that through the passage of this measure, our policemen will be more encouraged to stay true to their commitment to preserve peace and order and protect the lives of the Filipino people rather than coddling drug lords and exacerbating the drug situation in the country," Angara said.

Meanwhile, the lawmaker has also filed a bill that aims to establish a national integrated program to strengthen the drive against illegal drugs.

The measure seeks to put up an exclusive fund, to be called the Anti-Illegal Drug Campaign and Research (AIDCARE) Fund, which will be used to 1) establish a nationwide education and awareness program on illegal drugs; 2) implement a mandatory training for local government unit personnel involved with the enforcement, research, and policymaking on illegal drugs; 3) conduct a nationwide study on the nature and extent of drug abuse; 4) put up a national helpline for drug abusers; and, 5) create a public registry of drug dealers, pushers and traffickers.

"We must acknowledge that while the government has declared war against illegal drugs in order to maintain peace and order, it must also provide an opportunity for drug abusers to reform their lives, as they are merely victims as well of drug lords who control the massive illegal drug trade in the country," he added.

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