Press Release
August 2, 2016


Senator Richard J. Gordon wants all government-issued Identification Cards, clearances, licenses, and others, to contain the holder's correct blood type to facilitate administration of prompt and proper response during emergencies.

"A person's correct blood type is vital information that can save lives. Knowing the correct blood type of a person during medical emergencies, especially in times of disaster, allows immediate action, including blood transfusion if necessary," he said.

Through Gordon's Senate Bill No. 104 or the Blood Identification Act, the safety of citizens is ensured by requiring all certificates, licenses, and ID cards issued by the government to provide the correct blood type of the person therein in case of any medical emergency necessitating such vital information to save lives.

He added the proposed measure will also aid blood banks such as those maintained by the Philippine Red Cross and hospitals to effectively and efficiently dispense their blood services.

The senator, who is also Philippine Red Cross chairman, pointed out that blood transfusions are fatal if the wrong blood type is given. He added even in organ transplant procedures, the blood type of the donor should match that of the recipient.

If incompatible blood is given in a transfusion, the donor cells are treated as if they were foreign invaders, and the patient's immune system attacks them accordingly. Not only is the blood transfusion rendered useless, but a massive activation of the immune system and clotting system can cause shock, kidney failure, circulatory collapse, and death.

Under the proposed measure, all government-issued certificates, licenses, and identification cards, including but not limited to the following, are required to provide the holder's correct blood type:

(a) Certificates;
(1) Certificate of Live Birth;
(2) National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance; and
(3) Police Clearance as issued by the Philippine National Police (PNP);

(b) Licenses;
(1) Driver's license, as issued by the Land Transportation Office (LTO); and
(2) Firearms license, as issued by the PNP;

(c) Identification Cards;
(1) Passport as issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA);
(2) Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) ID;
(3) Postal ID as issued by the Philippine Postal Corporation;
(4) Voter's ID as issued by the Commission on Elections (COMELEC);
(5) Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Card;
(6) Social Security System (SSS) Card; and
(7) Any other national ID.

Any person who provides or causes to provide false blood type information with malice or gross negligence, shall pay a fine of not more than P25,000 and face administrative, civil or other criminal liability.

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