Press Release
August 14, 2016


Senator Antonio F. Trillanes IV, chairman of Committee on Civil Service, Government Reorganization and Professional Regulation, led the hearing and pushed for the passage of Senate Bill No. 526, or the bill seeking to increase the salary of government physicians and additional incentives.

"There has been continuous exodus of Filipino physicians abroad to seek better paying jobs. Some even gave up their license to become nurses abroad. This outflow of doctors, which has resulted to an alarming ratio of one doctor to 1,429 Filipinos, could get worse if we do not provide them a better working condition, and decent pay and benefits commensurate their qualifications," according to Trillanes, author of SBN 526.

At present, the minimum salary grade for government physicians, Medical Officer I, is Salary Grade 16, which is equivalent to Php28,417.00.

Trillanes seeks to address this alarming outflow of doctors and its repercussions by increasing their base pay to not lower than Salary Grade 27, equivalent to Php73,937.00. In addition, government physicians will also be entitled to monthly allowances for transportation, representation, food and medical needs. Aside from this, those who have rendered three years of government service will also receive an annual loyalty service pay of Php 50,000, and those who spent at least five years of continuous government service will also be qualified for an educational grant.

"Consistent with our aim of uplifting the welfare of our government workers through providing them with decent pay and benefits, we hope that this measure would also entice our doctors to practice in the country, especially in rural areas, and eventually improve the delivery of basic health services in the country," Trillanes added.

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