Press Release
August 24, 2016


Acting on his call for the Department of Foreign Affairs to send a note verbale to China in a bid to close the spigot and stop illegal drugs from flowing into the country, Senator Richard J. Gordon formalised his proposal in writing.

In a two-page letter sent to Foreign Affairs Secretary Perfecto Yasay, Jr., Gordon urged the DFA to raise the level of cooperation with China in the fight against drug trafficking in view of the unanimous confirmation by the Philippine National Police and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency pointing to Chinese citizens and China as the source of illegal drugs, both finished products and raw materials.

"May I urge the Department of Foreign Affairs - through a vigorous note verbale submitted to the Government of the People's Republic of China to raise the level of dialogue and cooperation requesting a more robust task force through our respective Immigration Bureaus and relevant law enforcement agencies to stress the urgency of the situation and thus the need for action by China to help in stopping the source of illegal drugs," he said in the letter.

The Philippines' drug problem has risen to very serious proportions as it has adversely affected around 3.7 million Filipinos who become either drug users or pushers, of which 1 million are youth who are either in or out of school.

Gordon pointed out that China recognizes the problem of illegal drugs which is shown by its resolute efforts to address the problem in its own soil.

"China recognizes the problem of illegal drugs as shown by its assiduous efforts - through its draconian security network - in arresting Filipinos and nationals of other countries who are arrested upon arrival as drug mules and now face the death penalty. China also recognizes the adverse effects on its own citizens as these are arrested when caught and even executed. Given the above, particularly China's robust security system, its own government could easily interdict the drugs and personnel coming out of China," he said.

The senator noted that through a raised level of cooperation between the two countries, a joint task force could be created to identify patterns of passengers and gather collective intelligence; initiate capacity building initiatives against transnational trafficking of drugs; and have the Chinese nationals involved in drug trade to be arrested in China, among others.

"This cooperation and fight against drug trafficking will be beneficial to both nations," he stressed.

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