Press Release
September 13, 2016

Mary Jane deserves clemency and our government's full support
in securing it - Recto

Mary Jane Veloso was not a drug lord. She was not even a user. On the contrary, she was used to smuggle drugs without her knowledge.

She was going to Indonesia to work as maid, not knowing that she was already a mule.

If she was a conscious, willing participant in transporting drugs, then any official reluctance in pursuing clemency for her can somewhat be explained, although this can never be justified.

But she was duped by con men, members of an international syndicate, some of whom have been arrested.

If she will be executed, then she will no longer be able to testify against them. The result is that she will be silenced forever while those who have deceived her would remain scot-free.

She is an irreplaceable witness in exposing the inner workings of a drug route. She dies and the truth will be buried with her.

It is for these reasons, to serve the ends of justice and on humanitarian grounds, that she deserves clemency and our President's and government's full and steadfast support in securing it.

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