Press Release
September 20, 2016

Statement of Sen. Leila M. de Lima on the House inquiry into the proliferation of drugs in New Bilibid Prison

I have no adequate words to express my utter dismay about the lack of foresight and/or utter lack of sheer humanity displayed today during what I can only describe as a blatant exercise in harassment and persecution that is the so-called House of Representatives "inquiry". I condemn and vehemently protest the sheer indecency and foulness of allowing my cellphone number and home address to be publicly disclosed. They have victimized me over and over again, and just when I thought I could not feel more betrayed, they have once again proven that I have underestimated their audacity and evilness.

As of 8:00 p.m. tonight, I have been bombarded by text messages, numbering almost 2,000, and phone calls from unknown persons, threatening me, harassing me, calling me the vilest of names.

They have basically destroyed my right to privacy and security in my communications and in my abode. I am now literally a persecuted person displaced from my home. Worse, they have turned people into weapons of destruction.

This is the country that we live in today. We shame ourselves before our countrymen and the world that we dare compare ourselves to Singapore in terms of making people feel safe.

What the people have to realize is that this is not just an offense against me, but against everyone. They are making me into an example of what will happen to those who dare criticize and call out the abuses of those in power. Who would dare stand up for others now? The real victim here is the people, the oppressed.

God save us all.

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