Press Release
September 29, 2016


"I send my deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of former Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago. With her passing, the Philippines has lost one of its most accomplished and venerable stateswomen.

"For more than three decades, Senator Santiago served our country with integrity, dedication, and ferocious brilliance sui generis in the storied tradition of Philippine public service.

"Owning the distinction of having served as a senior officer of all three branches of government, Miriam will nevertheless be best remembered as an institution within the Senate, where she imposed her intelligence and biting wit on the great debates that captivated the Nation during her illustrious 18-year career as Senator of the Republic.

"During these politically charged times, when once again Senate debates are in the headlines almost daily, one can only imagine how these debates would have been enriched if Senator Miriam were still with us, raining fire and brimstone upon her hapless opponents from the Senate rostrum.

"Senator Miriam is now gone, but her indomitable spirit will live on in the hearts of leaders inspired by her legacy to hold themselves to a higher standard of public service."

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