Press Release
October 26, 2016

Sen. Grace Poe calls for transparency amid gov't deal with Chinese firms

In all cases where the use of public funds is involved, the principles of transparency and accountability should be upheld. Allegations of corruption by contractors are red flags that should caution us in our dealings with them. It is imperative that all infrastructure project contracts being contemplated by the government should be scrutinized before they are consummated, to ensure that they are not disadvantageous to the country.

Executive Order No. 2 on Freedom of Information includes in its definition of "information" any contract in connection with the government. With this, we can and should demand for transparency from the DPWH and require them to upload this on their website. Ultimately, the Filipino taxpayers will have to shoulder the contractual obligations undertaken by government. Hence, it is only fair that we give the people the opportunity to look into the details of these contracts prior to their consummation.

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