Press Release
November 9, 2016

Senate Committee on Public Information and Mass Media

In this public hearing of the Senate Committee on Public Information and Mass Media, we sought comments and proposals from our resource persons regarding proposed amendments to R.A. 53, otherwise known as the Sotto Law.

The committee wishes to extend its appreciation to our resource persons from the Solicitor General, DOJ, DICT, the National Press Club, and the Philippine Press Institute, for apprising the committee about their comments and concerns amendments to the Sotto Law. We will be taking into account all proposed amendments for the 70-year old law.

To summarize this hearing:

  • As Senator Sotto stated, journalism is no longer confined to traditional print, but now includes broadcast and social media, thus it is high time to extend protection to journalists from these subsectors as well.

  • Many of our stakeholders such as the National Press Club and Philippine Press Institute interpose no objection to our proposed amendments.

  • Our government agencies likewise express support for the proposed amendments.

This hearing is hereby adjourned.

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