Press Release
November 17, 2016

Sen. Gatchalian Celebrates Student Activism on International Students' Day

In commemoration of International Students' Day on Thursday, Senator Win Gatchalian commended the historic role of student activism in nation-building as he challenged students to remain at the forefront of the fight to secure the right to education for all Filipinos.

"Student activism has been the lifeblood of education reform and social progress in the Philippines. As inequality in educational opportunities and outcomes continues to grow, we need the youth to stand up for their collective right to education, now more than ever," said Gatchalian.

Gatchalian, who has consistently engaged student groups in support of his free college education advocacy, expressed admiration for the principled passion of the student leaders with whom he has worked.

As Vice-Chairman of the Senate Committee on Education, Arts, and Culture, Gatchalian said he would push for a more inclusive legislative process in which student representatives would be given greater participation in hearings and dialogues concerning their educational rights.

"As the most important stakeholder of the sector, we must ensure that students are given an important role in crafting national education policies," said Gatchalian.

International Students' Day is an annual observance held on November 17 to commemorate the heroic sacrifices of Czech student activists protesting against the German Nazi regime. In recent years, the observance has become an international celebration of student activism and the right to education.

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