Press Release
April 21, 2017


I am deeply humbled for being recognized by Time magazine as an Icon among their 100 Most Influential people in the world.

The struggle for human rights and the fight for justice for those who have been murdered by the Duterte regime in its drug war are not popular causes as of the moment. For many of our countrymen, it is more convenient to huddle up close to Malacañang and reap the benefits of being a sycophant, rather than take the road less travelled but be the victim of political persecution by a vengeful strongman.

I could have chosen to stay silent and dance with the regime's music, but that would have been a betrayal of the country, the oppressed, the marginalized, and the fight for justice. It would have been a betrayal of my father, my sons, and my family. I cannot for once contemplate capitulating to the dark side that this regime now embodies in exchange for a comfortable but opportunist life.

This is why international recognition of what we fight for is important, because even as darkness surrounds us now, the world keeps watch and shines a light on us, until the time comes when we can finally bear our own torch once again and chase away the monster that enslaves us in evil.

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