Press Release
May 24, 2017

Sen. Joel Villanueva's statement on the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao, Marawi clash

We condemn to the highest degree the recent attacks which transpired in Marawi City. As to the President's declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao, we understand why the situation calls for it due to the gravity of this horrific incident.

However, we believe much needs to be discussed on why putting Mindanao under the state of Martial Law is the best response for this crisis.

We will work with the government and all stakeholders in finding the most effective strategy and solution to this problem.

We put our trust behind the joint AFP-PNP team that they will be able to restore peace and order and stop the threat in the next few days. After all, they have succeeded numerous times in the past in stopping this group from wreaking havoc.

Together, let us all pray for the people in Marawi City and other parts of Mindanao especially the innocent ones who have been suffering from decades of conflict. May we remain steadfast and united in this difficult time.

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