Press Release
July 4, 2017

Sen. Joel Villanueva's statement on SC decision upholding the declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao

I think it is clear that the Supreme Court agreed with Congress and the Executive that there is factual basis for the declaration of Martial Law. However, we have to note that there were issues before regarding scope, on whether it should just be Marawi or that region or the whole Mindanao.

With regard to extending Martial Law, the request for extension should come from the President. We'll be ready to assess and make that decision if there's really a need to extend the declaration. There are several elements that need to be answered before Martial Law is extended beyond 60 days and the scope of its coverage. We have to ask what it has accomplished relative to the problem of terrorism in Mindanao, what was its impact, was it effective or not, and why is it necessary moving forward and what are the other options if not Martial Law.

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