Press Release
February 13, 2018


With the possibility that of the 830,000 Filipinos, mostly children, who were injected with the Dengvaxia Vaccine, a large number would contract dengue or a more severe case of the deadly disease, Senator Richard J. Gordon said the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) is ensuring that blood would be readily available for the victims.

In an interview, Gordon, PRC chairman and CEO, pointed out that a large supply of blood could be needed should the people inoculated with the vaccine contract dengue or severe dengue, as French manufacturer Sanofi Pasteur admitted that the Dengvaxia could lead to more severe symptoms for people who had not previously been infected by the dengue virus prior to inoculation.

"Maaring dumating ang panahon na magkaroon ng dengue outbreak. Maaring dumami ang mangangailangan ng dugo. Mabuti na ang handa tayo. Kaya naghahanda ang Red Cross ng madaming dugong available para sa mga mangangailangan. We are ensuring that we will have ample supply of all blood types," he said. Gordon also disclosed that, aside from this, the PRC is also assisting the Department of Health in locating and monitoring the people administered with the vaccine.

"Kami ang gagawin namin sa Red Cross, at ikinakasa na namin ito, lahat ng chapter namin ay tutulong para hanapin yung mga taong naturukan. Kung kailangang dalhin sa ospital, dadalhin ng ambulansya namin yung mga tao sa ospital," he assured.

Gordon chairs the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee which is conducting an investigation into the hasty procurement of the vaccine which has turned out to be the country's major health nightmare.

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