Press Release
February 27, 2018

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III

On the Sereno impeachment

SP Pimentel: No comment na muna kami sa what's going on in the House, kasi kami naman ang magiging judge dito. As far as I know, justices of the Supreme Court are really entitled to what they called wellness leaves. Meron silang ganun talaga. Wag na nating bigyan ng meaning yun, basta importante, kami, sa Senado, dapat ready kami whenever we will receive the Articles of Impeachment.

Q: Is it fair na gagamitin daw niya yung time to prepare for her defense?

SP Pimentel: Wag na nating pakialaman how a person uses his or her leave. Basta entitlement niya yun, that means that it is free for her to use whatever or however she wants to use the day. Wag na nating pakialaman. If she wants to read, let her read. If she wants to read legal matters, let her read. If she wants to exercise, let her exercise.

Q: Kung i-transmit ng House next month yung Articles of Impeachment, kaya pa ba i-tackle ng Senate yung timeline?

SP: Yun na nga, depende talaga sa when. I hope the House will be conscious of our legislative calendar also so that when they transmit something to us, they should give us time to react to whatever we receive.

Q: Kapag po impeachment, pwede po magpatawag ng special session?

SP: Hindi, kasi court na kami. Ang tanong kasi dyan, kailangan din, every court session, may quorum din kasi hindi naman ito court na isang tao lang. Court ito na 23, may quorum din, and then ang House will stand as the prosecutors, meron din ba silang prosecutors during the break times? So, lahat nito icoconsider. Pero ang Senate ngayon is in a preparation mode, yesterday I have authorized that we should now order our robes. Our lawyers are now finalizing our impeachment rules, I have asked them also to study the layout, of the court for trial, so nagre-ready lang po tayo. Anticipating. Mabuti na yung nag-aanticipate.

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