Press Release
March 13, 2018

Grace Poe on DOJ dropping drug trade charges vs. Espinosa, et. al.

I am disturbed by the basis upon which the DOJ panel made its recommendation to dismiss the drug charges against Mr. Espinosa and others.

For one, Kerwin Espinosa, himself admitted before a Senate inquiry that he was indeed involved in the drug trade.

How a self-confessed drug lord like Kerwin Espinosa can be exonerated by the State, is perplexing. It reflects the sloppiness of the police's investigation and case build up against these drug lords.

Acting Prosecutor General Catalan claims that Adorvo's statements are self-serving and contradictory; this should have prompted them to use the entire machinery of the State's prosecution arm to gather more testimonial and object evidence, rather than lazily relying on this single witness. Naghanap ba talaga ng ebidensya ang prosekyusyon?

If this DOJ decision is affirmed by the Secretary of Justice, this would be an insult to the brave policemen who have died in legitimate anti-drug operations.

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