Press Release
April 3, 2018


I call for the resignation of NFA Administrator Jason Aquino.

If there is indeed a zero percent buffer of rice, this is an indication of the inefficiency of his leadership.

The NFA's buffer stock is a lifeline for the thousands of Filipinos who subsist on rice and little else. Rice is the most important staple food for at least 10 million poor Filipinos.

At a time when the country's rice production hit a record high, it is unbelievable that the supply of NFA rice has already been wiped out.

This situation is directly attributed to the inefficient management at the NFA, which is mandated to ensure the availability of affordable rice. The current NFA officials have been remiss in their duties and responsibilities.

Sa panahong sa Hunyo pa darating ang inangkat na bigas para mapunuan ang kakulangan, saan na hahagilap ng murang bigas ang ating mga kababayan?

NFA Administrator Aquino should be replaced by somebody who has the capability and track record to efficiently run the agency. This is the first time that we experienced this and we cannot afford to repeat this scenario.

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