Press Release
April 24, 2018

Transcript of Interview with Senate Minority Leader Franklin M. Drilon

SFMD: We're preparing for the interpellation (on the Bangsamoro Basic Law). We are studying it closely so that we can contribute in order that the provisions will be consistent with our Constitution, so that in case it is brought to the Supreme Court we will suggest that certain amendments be made where there is basis for questions in the Supreme Court.

Q: Sir, so kakayanin na by May ma-approve?

SFMD: That is not for me to determine. Pinag-aarlan ko lang in order to help to make sure that it is consistent with the Constitution. The timetable is not really within my control.

Q: Si Mar ba Sir kino-convince ng LP to run?

SFMD: We are suggesting to him to consider it but candidacy is a personal decision. But yes, we are suggesting to him to take a good look at it.

Q: Kino-consider naman siya Sir?

SFMD: He has not decided.

Q: Hesitant ba siya?

SFMD: No, he has not decided. He is also enjoying his private life.

Q: Pero kailangan ng senado ang tulad ni Sen. Mar Roxas?

SFMD: Certainly. He is extremely qualified.

We confirm that we have asked him to consider. That is a personal decision for Senator Mar.

Q: Ano po ba yung magandang composition ng opposition?

SFMD: We have not gone that far. We are just reviewing a possible list of candidates. I am not at liberty to make an announcement.

Q: Kalian mag-decide ang LP?

SFMD: It will be a collective decision of the leadership.

Q: Before the filing?

SFMD: Certainly.

Q: You're building a coalition?

SFMD: Me, personally, I am realistic that it is not easy to complete a 12-man slate at at this point. Let's leave it at that and let's see what happens in the next several months.

Q: Marami na bang nag-expressed na maging candidates ng LP?

SFMD: I'm just saying that it is not easy to put up a 12-man slate.

Q: Ilan na po yung kasama? Yung mga re-electionist kasama?

SFMD: So far we are working on a slate. It's not easy being in the opposition and it's a mid-term election. These are the challenges that we face.

Q: Sir, open kayo na kahit hindi makapasok doon sa slate ng admin, sa inyo na lang?

SFMD: We are still working on a slate.

Q: How do you find yung latest survey ng Pulse ng yung opposition parang nasa bottom?

SFMD: In a mid-term election you have to face the fact that you have a President with a 70 percent approval rating and it's not easy to put up an opposition ticket. But the opposition is there.

Q: Yung sa Kuwait...

SFMD: I support Ambassador Villa and what he's doing, because it's not easy to be in the situation, and I support him fully. He's there to protect our interest and the interest of our Filipino workers, and forced by necessity he did what he did for the welfare of our Filipino compatriots. I support him for what he did.

Q: Nag-protest yung Kuwait

SFMD: That's expected, but we can explain the action of our ambassador, in the same manner that we protested - I assume we did - when our compatriot was found frozen. That's normal in diplomacy.

SFMD: Not at all. I will object to any plan to recall him

Q: Idepensa pa nga dapat siya?

SFMD: Yes. We should not recall him.

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