Press Release
May 3, 2018

Recto: No basis to call for Secretary Cayetano's resignation

Why should Alan resign? His men rescued two Filipinas in distress. He didn't bomb a country, nor did he invade another.

At a time when countries use might to enforce their will, the worst that the rescue inflicted was a pinprick on diplomatic niceties.

Yes, it was improper to officially upload the video, but it is equally wrong to equate it as a major diplomatic faux pas that would warrant his resignation.

In pursuing our nation's interests, Alan has mastered the art of stepping on toes - with the other person thinking that he is playing footsies.

But there are times when he and his men have to kick down some doors, especially if these block the path to freedom for our compatriots.

Aggressive defense of our abused countrymen is no vice; it is a virtue. When thousands of our OFWS await repatriation, when thousands of them have sought sanctuaries from abuse, when almost 5,000 of them are behind bars or facing charges, some audacity in representing them is needed.

There are times when diplomats pretend to be doormats. There are times when they have to be matadors.

It is wrong to call for his resignation. It undercuts our current posture of being more assertive in helping our OFWs.

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