Press Release
July 11, 2018

Villanueva's statement on DOLE clarificatory order on the regularization of 7,300 PLDT workers

??It would do good to the image of PLDT, a major telco company, to already start the regularization process of more than 7,000 workers ordered to be regularized by the DOLE. To continue the legal maneuverings and conditionalities would only create a negative corporate image of PLDT being a violator of labor laws.

We also reiterate that it would serve the best interests of labor and capital if the DOLE will put in place a quick and efficient conciliation protocol to ensure correction and compliance with labor inspection findings with dispatch and in a manner that is not litigious.

It is high time that the DOLE implement an effective mechanism to ensure compliance without making the process burdensome among concerned parties.

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