Press Release
July 18, 2018

Statement of Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros

I am extremely disappointed with the Angono police's anti-rape information flyer. While the intention of the information material may be good, it promotes victim-blaming by asking women to conform to a particular way of dressing in order to be respected and avoid being raped.

The Angono police's anti-rape flyer lays unwarranted blame to rape victims. The material that they issued is not only an insult to many victims of rape and other forms if sexual violence, but it also sends a wrong signal that women are raped because of our actions or preferences.

May I remind our police force that a woman's clothing choice doesn't cause rape. Clothes don't cause rape, rapists do. Instead of "teaching" women how to dress "appropriately" and limit our choices, our police force should help in educating the public, especially men, that forcing themselves upon women is unacceptable and constitutes rape.

My office is willing to extend any help to the Angono police force in training their personnel, producing gender-sensitive information materials and implementing programs to help educate the public on how to recognize and prevent rape and other forms of sexual violence against women.

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