Press Release
September 6, 2018

Zubiri proposes a win-win solution for Bacolod City holidays

Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel F. Zubiri encourages the observance of three distinct celebrations as follows: Bacolod City Charter Day as a nonworking holiday, inauguration day and the Masskara Festival.

"Three celebrations instead of just two, will give Bacolodnons more opportunities to highlight their cityhood, history and culture. I propose to amend House Bill No. 7044 which sets June 18 of every year as the City's Charter Day by providing for two other events: first, commemorating the City's inauguration every October 19, and, second, adhering to the tradition of holding the Masskara Festival every fourth Sunday of October."

Zubiri proposes this win-win solution amidst the differing opinions among local officials over significant events in the City's history.

"I understand that the differing opinions find support from the City's rich history. They all raise valid points. The Supreme Court has in the case of Mejia v. Balolong (GR No. L-1925, 16 September 1948) declared that the charter day is based on the date of the signing of the law or charter creating the local government unit. In the case of Bacolod City, Commonwealth Act No. 326 was signed by then President Manuel L. Quezon on June 18. In order to preserve tradition and recognize history, however, we welcome the commemoration and celebration of these three important dates. The same is being practiced in our province of Bukidnon. We commemorate our foundation day on the 1st day of September and celebrate the Kaamulan Festival in March of every year."

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