Press Release
November 7, 2018


We hope this consortium will live up to the expectations of the people and the mandatory quality standards for internet connectivity and mobile services.

We must keep in mind that this third telco was allowed to come in because the paying subscribers have been longing for service commensurate to what they have paid for.

Milyun-milyong Pilipino ang gumagamit ng internet at umaasa sa pagpasok ng bagong telco na ito. Sana wala ng choppy lines, dropped calls at usad-pagong na connection. 'Wag natin silang biguin.

Having said that, the Department of Information and Communications Technology should be transparent and lay out the considerations that qualified the bidder.

There were security concerns earlier raised over the participation of a foreign firm and these should not be sidestepped.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines and other intelligence agencies should weigh in on the qualifications.

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