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January 29, 2019

Bam wants better pay for election officials

With the country set to elect its new set of local officials on May 13, Sen. Bam Aquino is seeking for the approval of a bill that would provide better compensation for officers and employees of the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

Introduced by Aquino, Senate Bill No. 2139 aims to reclassify and upgrade the plantilla positions of the electoral body's rank and file employees, particularly in its main and field offices.

"The Commission on Elections exists as a constitutional body mandated to safeguard this precious right to suffrage, as well as ensure safe and honest elections. It is these public servants that we must empower to remain incorruptible and loyal to the Filipino people," Aquino said.

"Unfortunately, there is a gap between the salary grade of our Comelec officers and other government agency employees, despite similar qualifications and equivalent positions. It is no surprise then that the Comelec Employees' Union has been requesting for higher remuneration," Aquino added.

Under his proposed measure, the Comelec shall have field offices divided into regional and provincial offices with the rank of Director II, to be headed by regional and provincial elections officers, respectively.

The National Capital Region (NCR) shall be divided into five administrative districts, which shall then be headed and administratively supervised district elections directors, also with the rank of Director II.

City or municipal offices shall be headed by City/Municipal elections specialists with the rank of Director I, to be assisted by a minimum of two assistant elections specialists (AES) provided that for every additional 20,000 voters (from 50,000 voters) additional AES shall be automatically appointed.

"The right to vote and elect our leaders is at the heart of our freedom and democracy. Our ability to choose our leaders is the most compelling indication that power does fall in the hands of the people, and not just a chosen few," Aquino said.

"This manifestation of People Power must continuously be protected and promoted by each generation. It is high time that we listen to calls to reorganize Comelec and provide better compensation as Comelec officers serve a crucial role in our democracy," Aquino added.

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