Press Release
March 15, 2019

Statement of Sen. Nancy Binay on Water Week

Our country is blessed with an abundance of water, and it is ironic that as we celebrate Philippine Water Week, many Filipinos are being deprived of access to water.

Having rainfalls that are unusually heavy--particularly coming from a waterworld to a waterless scourge--seeing the taps run dry is galling.

Lahat tayo ngayon ay nakararanas ng water shortage, at kung anu-anong dahilan na ang ating napakinggan mula sa mga ahensya ng gobyerno at concessionaires. But I'm sorry to say, their statements do not hold water.

The public is aghast at the response to the current crisis, and no explanation can wash the apparent neglect and inefficiency of those who have committed to provide us with clean water.

We reiterate our call to have a clear policy on maintaining water security whenever water supply goes bad.

Likewise, the NWRB should have a holistic and comprehensive water resource plan as well as an effective water allocation and reuse policy.

Water is a basic need and it is unacceptable that we are depriving our people of basic services they deserve.

On Tuesday, the Senate will conduct an inquiry into the water shortage, and invited agencies, concessionaires, and regulators to shed light on the matter.

Eto na nga, tiyak may paliliguan--walang banlawan.

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