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April 14, 2019

Sen. Bam wants increased PWD presence in PH workforce

At least two percent of all positions in all government offices should be reserved for persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Sen. Bam Aquino has filed a bill amending certain provisions of RA 7277, otherwise known as the Magna Carta for Disabled Persons increasing the availability of job positions for PWDs in government agencies and private sector

"Through this legislation, the government offices will be mandated to ensure that two percent of their employees comprise of PWDs whereas private organizations will be required to employ a workforce, at least 1% of which is made up of PWDs," the senator said.

Aquino's Senate Bill No. 1249 will assure the allotment of two percent of all positions in all government agencies, offices or corporations reserved for PWDs.

The current provision of the law states the allotment of one percent of the regular and non-regular positions in government agencies to PWDs.

Aquino likewise seeks to improve the situation in the private sector by enjoining the private corporations to reserve at least one percent of all positions for PWDs.

Presently, private corporations with more than 100 employees are encouraged to reserve at least bone percent of all positions for PWDs.

"Any qualified PWD should have access to employment opportunities and allow them to be productive members of the labor force, providing reliable and dedicated service just like any ordinary, able-bodied personnel," the senator said.

The bill seeks to guarantee the inclusion of PWDs in the workforce and provide commensurate compensation, benefits and employment terms for PWDs as any other qualified employees.

"As we forge onward in building the nation better and stronger, we must take the necessary steps to ensure that we are building an inclusive society where no sector is left behind from the gains of development," Aquino said.

"This bill will allow PWDs more meaningful and productive participation in society. Furthermore, an increased PWD presence in all workforce aims to heighten public awareness and consideration for the rights of PWDs," the senator added.

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