Press Release
June 11, 2019

Statement of Sen. Francis Pangilinan on 121st Philippine Independence Day
Let's plant seeds of love of country: Kiko

Independence Day sums up what our patriotic forefathers and foremothers gave us through their struggles -- hope and freedom.

However, we continue to be faced with external and internal challenges that erode our people's hopes and threaten their freedom. For how can we be independent when our people are hungry for food, jobs, and justice?

May today, the Philippines' 121st Independence Day, serve as a reminder that the ways of freedom are never easy. Each day, we are always called upon to take action and keep guard to fight for and protect our territory, decent employment, equitable opportunities, and right to truth.

It is upon us to nurture the struggles of our heroes who lit the fire toward an independent nation. We should plant, plant, plant -- food, trees, and seeds of love of country for the survival of our people, our future, and our planet.

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