Press Release
July 15, 2019


Sen. Lito Lapid has renewed his call for the government to require manufacturers to put precautionary labels on household items which may contain toxic and hazardous substances.

"Gusto nating bigyang babala ang ating mga kababayan na itong mga simpleng gamit natin sa bahay ay naglalaman ng mga nakakalasong kemikal na maaring mapanganib sa ating kalusugan," Lapid said.

Lapid has filed Senate Bill No. 58 also known as the Hazardous Household Substances Labelling Act, which intends to compel manufacturers to put warning labels on household items which contain substances that are considered toxic, corrosive, harmful irritants, strong sensitizers or flammable through a standard of signage and symbols that would alert consumers of the potential dangers of the products.

According to Lapid, this measure seeks to protect the health and safety of people by helping them identify hazardous chemicals at home. He also stressed that consumers are unaware that many household items contain chemicals that may cause serious injury and health issues.

With this, it is only necessary for the companies to not only disclose the toxic contents of the products they manufacture but also to warn the consumers of the risks of using the said products, Lapid said.

Apart from placing warning signs and symbols that would alert consumers of the potential dangers of the products, the bill also aims to require the companies to provide instructions on the first-aid steps to take in case of accidents caused by improper handling or storage of the products.

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