Press Release
August 1, 2019

Revilla to establish inclusive education learning resource centers for special children, youth

Sen. Bong Revilla filed Senate Bill No. 804 to institute inclusive education by establishing inclusive education learning centers for children and youth with special needs in all public school divisions in the country.

A 2018 report by PhilHealth revealed that one out of seven or 5.1 million children in the country are living with disabilities.

This was supported by another report from the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) released in 2018, where 26.56 percent of poor children with disabilities do not have a strong referral system.

According to Revilla's bill, the inclusive education learning center aims to provide language and speech therapy, quality reading or other effective methods of delivering reading materials to individuals with visual impairments, acquire and modify equipment and device, ensure appropriate classroom accommodation, and assist in transferee or admission of qualified children and youth with special needs to post-secondary or tertiary education.

To fully equip the teachers and staff personnel, Revilla said that the center shall provide technical and professional assistance and replication of successful innovations approaches in providing educational or related services.

He further believes that the establishment of an inclusive learning center in every municipal and city division in the country will help increase active participation and integration in public, civic and state affairs among children and youth with special needs.

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