Press Release
September 22, 2019

Statement of Senator Migz Zubiri on the death of PMA Cadet Darwin Dormitorio

The death of a promising youth bring us so much grief because we have passed a stern law just last year. It seems fraternities haven't learned their lessons. The young men who punched out the life of fellow cadet Darwin Dormitorio of Cagayan de Oro are deemed knowledgeable, disciplined and upright. Being cadets of the Philippine Military Academy, the country's premiere military school, they were expected to be models for other Filipino youth.

By ganging up on their victim, these young men and their organization or fraternity have actually thrown out the values espoused by the PMA. They can't be called fine officers and gentlemen as they exact obedience through fear, intimidation and physical pain.

Those Cadetds must now pay with the full force of the Law against them. The Academy must open themselves to investigation or they themselves will be subjects to harsh penalties under the new law we Authored together with Sen. Ping Lacson last 17th congress which was R.A. 11053 or the Strengthened Anti-Hazing Law. A stronger anti-hazing law due to the senseless killing of student Atio Castillo from his supposed fraternity brothers.

It is distressing to repeat the process of seeking justice for hazing victims, yet, we must soldier on to protect out youth. We shall monitor how the Judiciary will do its share with R.A. No. 11053 as their tool.

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