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November 14, 2019


Senator Richard J. Gordon called for refocusing of the country's priorities as the Senate started its plenary deliberation on the P4.1- trillion proposed budget for 2020,

"It is important that we refocus, re-prioritize what we have. I don't understand why a small country like Singapore, which is the size of Clarkfield, can actually beat us in terms of foreign direct investments; they have better Air force and naval capabilities. They must be doing something right. That I'd like to know so we can implement it in our country," Gordon said.

"The budget really is some sort of a management plan where you plan how much income you're going to have, how much you can spend and how much you can give to the country by way of infrastructure and services, and the like. It is important to realize that the preparation of the budget should not be mechanical. 'Ano ba ang ginawa the previous year, kokopyahin ko na lang, lagay natin.' Almost arbitrary. I hope that is not the case. We must prioritize what is really needed. For example, what is the priority in infrastructure today?" he added.

Gordon pointed out that it would be to the country's benefit if employment rises by way of benefits provided by budget initiatives, hence the country is behooved to create jobs and generate investments, not only by investing in infrastructures but also making sure that the country will be more attractive to foreign investors.

"Is there an alternate plan by the government to generate jobs? Obviously, the country has to generate jobs so that more people will pay taxes regularly, more corporations who will pay taxes. There will be self-generation of economic activity. Do we have a better mouse-trap so we can make our country more attractive to foreign investors?" he said.

The senator recommended that the country should prioritize improving education, improving its defense capabilities, boosting health budget, modernizing the Bureau of Customs, and investing in tourism, among others.

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