Press Release
November 14, 2019

Statement of solidarity of Sen. Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan, Liberal Party president, for the people of Hong Kong

Brutality in all forms is attempting to quell the protests of the people of Hong Kong.

It has gone beyond the extradition bill, but for greater freedom and survival in the face of China's creeping authority that puts the administrative region's fate in question.

With mostly only umbrellas as their defense, the protesters, predominantly young people, some as young as 12 years old, face bullets, batons, and tear gas of the authorities.

Their undaunted spirit -- displayed every day as they return to the streets, apologetic to the public for the inconvenience -- should make us ponder hard about our own action, or inaction, over China's try to slowly take possession of our territory in the West Philippine Sea.

That we are a democratic society, not under any foreign authority, should make us all the more responsive and vigilant of the looming threats to our sovereignty.

Meanwhile, let's extend our solidarity to the Hong Kong freedom fighters and learn from them.

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