Press Release
January 23, 2020

National Bible Day Message

My warmest greetings to the Filipino people as we celebrate National Bible Day.

Every last Monday of January, we gather as a nation to reaffirm our faith. By virtue of Republic Act No. 11163, we take time to unite amidst diversity in professing the teachings of our Lord.

As we rejoice in the Word of God, may we take this opportunity to find more meaningful conversations with one another. Let us endeavor to be bearers of the good news throughout the world and allow the wisdom of His Word fill our hearts with love and joy so that we become a people of believers who rebuke the wicked and promote good.

In Mark 3:24, the Holy Bible says, "If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand." Let these words of our Lord resonate in our actions. Abandon our earthly ways that divide our nation. In every crossroad we face as a people, choose to live with compassion. Build a nation anchored on God's divine providence and mercy. Pass the torch of faith entrusted to us so that we continue to be a prosperous generation determined to fulfill the promises of Heaven.

For the longest time, our nation has faltered by trying to live by bread alone. While it is imperative to nourish our body to attain physical strength, feeding our spirit and soul by witnessing the Living Truth is the way towards salvation. Take this day to communicate with our God to express our undying gratitude for the multitude of blessings we receive as a nation.

Let this celebration aflame our hearts that we may be bold in professing our faith. May the light of Christ guide our paths towards living a meaningful life.

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