Press Release
February 1, 2020

Zubiri proposes Marshall Plan for Batangas recovery

"I have been to Batangas several times since Taal volcano erupted. Quakes before and after and the eruptions damaged farms, fishpens, homes and vital road, power and communication infrastructure," said Majority Leader Juan Miguel F. Zubiri as he urged Congress and the Executive to support a Marshall Plan-like recovery program for Batangas.

"On the housing needs, I propose that the Executive direct Local Government Units to review and recast their Comprehensive Land Use Plans.

National Government agencies and LGUs should put into consideration the following actions:

1. Allocating resources to the NAMRIA in coordination with PHIVOLCS for the survey and multi-hazard mapping of affected and contiguous areas, within 180 days;

2. Releasing land in Batangas owned by the National Government and LGUs for agricultural, industrial and residential uses for programmatic land distribution to constituents - displaced by the volcanic activities and consequently to be resettled- , at subsidized cost, within 180 days;

2. Directing the DENR, LRA, DOJ and agencies concerned to issue appropriate titles and instruments to beneficiaries of the aforementioned land distribution program, at no cost , as to survey and titling of land parcels, within 12 months;

3. Directing the DSWD, NAPC, and the DA to determine and identify the beneficiaries of the land distribution program which will prioritize the most vulnerable sectors of affected towns and barangays, within 60 days;

4. Mandating the BIR and the DOF-BLGF to craft the appropriate Internal Revenue Regulations to provide tax exemptions, fee privileges and fiscal incentives to displaced families, within 60 days ; and

5. Creating new townships in coordination with the DOH and the DEPED to ensure health and educational infrastructure are built for the use of resettled families.

It is important that families are able to recover and rebuild lives with the least cost shouldered by them. They practically start from zero resources with the declaration of no build zones.

For a long time, much of the affected areas will be no man's land. They will live the motto "Leave no trash, Pick no flowers, Leave only footprints, Take only pictures". In time, the tourism industry that is also greatly affected will be revived. For now, Batangas needs all the help they can get."

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