Press Release
February 13, 2020


The resolution on ABS-CBN Corporation initiates the discussion of the Senate Committee on Public Services on the compliance of the grantee with the terms and conditions of its franchise and to allow all parties to air their side.

This is part of the Senate's oversight function over any franchise and not just ABS-CBN, as mandated by the Constitution and the Senate Rules.

Due to the gravity of the allegations and its possible effects, the Committee has deemed it appropriate to lay the groundwork for a possible inquiry in the spirit of public interest.

The discussion in the Senate does not preclude any action in the House of Representatives or the Supreme Court. The issue on subjudice regarding legislative inquiries has long been resolved by the Supreme Court in Sabio vs. Gordon and in the cases that reiterate it: "On-going judicial proceedings do not preclude congressional hearings in aid of legislation".

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