Press Release
February 15, 2020


While supporting the proposed creation of a Philippine High School for Sports, Senator Richard J. Gordon said that it should be part of a national program for sports which would inculcate the value of teamwork and discipline among athletes at a very young age to produce a community of people who are inspired and motivated to excel and to compete.

"It is convenient to maximize the usage of the sports complex that would be built. But what I want to see as you maximize the usage, is that this is part of an entire national program...I would like to see a purpose. What is the end-game? Are the students coming out there very skilful in a particular sports event?" Gordon asked during the interpellation for Senate Bill No, 1086, which proposes to create and establish the Philippine High School for Sports.

"That's why I said it should be the end-game, dapat nakapag-aral na 'yung bata, at least hanggang high school and this is going to be an elitist program where you can now maximize the talent of the kid developed through the national sports system. Rationalize all the government-funded schools providing sports training and create a national program. Perhaps we should change the title of the bill to Philippine high school for sports system. I suggest you create a very good system out of this," he added.

Gordon also suggested that the school should focus on developing athletes for team sports, as he noted that the country's athletes are more into individual sports.

He also proposed that the said school for sports should strive to be No. 1 by getting the best of the best to inspire others.

"We have to make sure that we get the best of the best and that must be strictly enforced so that you will create a tradition of excellence that must be followed every year," he said.

Gordon co-sponsored SBN 1086, which was principally sponsored by Senator Sherwin Gatchalian.

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